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  • The Cancer Center at Springfield Clinic diagnoses evaluates and treats patients with malignant diseases (cancers) and hematologic disorders (involving the blood and blood-forming organs). Springfield Clinic hematologists and oncologists treat every type of known blood disorder and cancer, from the most common to the rarest forms of disease. In addition, innovative services and treatments are available to help diagnose problems, reduce pain and promote healing.

    Springfield Clinic physicians and staff work closely with surgeons, radiation oncologists and other specialists to:

    -Help patients understand their diagnosis

    -Develop individualized treatment plans

    -Coordinate all aspects of treatment

    -Provide effective surgical, chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatment.

  • Locations

    Springfield Clinic - Main Campus East - Springfield, IL
    Phone Number217-528-7541/800.444.7541
    Springfield Clinic 1st - Springfield , IL
    Phone Number217-528-7541/800.444.7541
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