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  • Mission: Give75

    Springfield Clinic, in recognition of its 75th anniversary of operations in Springfield and central Illinois, is excited to celebrate with Mission: Give75. Each month throughout 2014, Springfield Clinic will donate items to a community organization from its “wish list.” During this special year-long celebration, our mission is to recognize and give back to those who have helped Springfield Clinic lead the way for the past 75 years.

    Any non-profit or charitable organization, with a proven track record of service, and that contributes to the health, wellness, fitness or overall quality of life to those in Springfield Clinic’s service region is eligible. Nominations may be made by staff, volunteers or the general public and will only be accepted through the form.

    Nominations will be selected based on relevance to the health, wellness and fitness mission of the organization, the region served and the fittingness of the “wishes” made in the nomination. Each month, Springfield Clinic representatives will notify Give75 recipients in advance to arrange for the presentation of wish list items! We can’t wait to celebrate with worthy organizations throughout the region!

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