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Everyone at Advanced Dental Care is committed to making you smile!

No matter your dental care needs, our caring, compassionate staff is here to not only give you a beautiful, healthy smile, but also to make your experience relaxing and enjoyable. Yes, you really can relax during your next trip to the dentist!

We offer a full range of dental care services to help you either maintain an already healthy smile or to finally get that beautiful smile you can't wait to show off. From routine maintenance and check-ups, to custom dentures, dental implants, crowns, veneers and Fastbraces, which can straighten a crooked smile in just a few short months,we can help your smile.

Plus, if you're like many of our patients, are scared of the dentist and have put off critical dental care because of this fear, we can help! Through sedation dentistry(we've heard many patients call it a miracle!) you can reverse years of neglect or have multiple procedures performed in just one visit, all while you're relaxed and completely comfortable.

To learn more about how Advanced Dental Care can help you get a beautiful, healthy smile you're proud to show off, call our office at (217) 546-3333 and let us show you how we can make you smile!

Advanced Dental Care Blog

Implant Dentistry for the Preservation of Teeth

Implant Dentistry for the Preservation of Teeth

Improving a Smile with Implant Dentistry

Implant dentistry is commonly referred to as restorative dentistry or cosmetic dentistry. One of the most common procedures is dental implants. Dental Implants restore teeth that are missing or have been damaged beyond repair. The implants operate as replacement teeth and are usually made out of ceramic material with a titanium root to ensure strength and durability for the patient. Dental implants are designed to match perfect and with natural teeth and they are also personalized for each patient so that they fit comfortably.

Tooth restoration is performed by Dr. VanderMolen for patients who have damaged and broken teeth. Dental implants help improve the condition of the teeth and gums because if teeth are missing, the gums are exposed, thus resulting in a greater chance of infection and gum disease. After the implants are placed, both bone and gum are preserved. Patients can be proud of their new smile.

Dr. VanderMolen will consult with each patient who is interested in implant dentistry. He will examine the teeth and the jawbone to get an idea of what is exactly going on inside the mouth of the patient and to create a customized treatment plan. Dental implants are an improvement when compared to dentures, which are often considered uncomfortable and may even slip out of the mouth. The dental implants feel completely natural and they are a permanent solution, which means that they likely will not need to be replaced.

If you are considering implant dentistry, call (217)546-3333 for an appointment or attend one of our No Cost/No Obligation Dental Implant Seminars.The staff at Advanced Dental Care will have you loving your new smile in no time!

Click here for more information on the services available at Advanced Dental Care.

WICS ABC NewsChannel 20 - Ask the Expert - For more information regarding implant dentistry, contact Advanced Dental! Blog

Fastbraces and Oral Hygiene

Fastbraces: Good Oral Hygiene Is SO Important DuringYour Treatment

Fastbraces and Oral Hygiene

Practicing good oral hygiene is important for everyone, but becomes even more crucial while wearing braces.  If you are wearing Fastbraces,maintaining a healthy oral cavity should be a top priority. Follow your dentist's instructions carefully to ensure you not only have a straight smile,but a healthy one as well.

The brackets and wires of Fastbraces create new spaces in which food can become trapped.   It is important to clean your Fastbraces properly after each meal. When food is left between the braces and the teeth, it can permanently stain your enamel.   Eventually, left behind food particles can lead to tooth decay.  Spotting can also result from poor oral hygiene.  When particles are left behind, they can sometimes react with the metal in the braces, and the natural bacteria in your mouth, causing a bleach-like effect that can leave permanent spots on the teeth.  Another potential problem that can result from improper oral hygiene is the decalcification of the teeth. 

Brushing and flossing are a crucial component of oral hygiene, and the results are well worth the effort. Special floss for braces can be purchased at the local pharmacy or provided to you by your dentist.  Brushing after each meal and flossing daily is ideal, but at least twice each day is the minimum recommendation.  If a toothbrush is not available after a meal, rinsing out your mouth with water will help eliminate some of the food particles until the teeth can be properly brushed.

There are certain foods that should be avoided during the treatment period. Sodas and most sweets promote tooth decay, and sticky or chewy foods can be difficult to clean.  Most hard foods that could break wires should also be avoided, such as nuts.  While wearing braces, slicing up hard fruits and vegetables, such as carrots or apples, before eating will ease the impact on the teeth and help avoid breaking wires.

One benefit of wearing Fastbraces is that they have a shorter treatment time compared to traditional braces. This can reduce the likelihood of tooth decay, staining and spotting by lessening the amount of time food and plaque can build up between the hardware.

For effective, comfortable and safe treatment, choose Fastbraces. Call (217) 546-3333 for an appointment with Dr.VanderMolen at Advanced Dental Care, certified Fastbraces provider.

Click here for more information on all the services available at Advanced Dental Care.

Bad Breath: Health Problems and Prevention

Bad Breath: Health Problems and Prevention

What are the health problems associated with bad breath and how can it be prevented?

Bad breath is an oral problem that often cannot be noticed by the patient himself. The patient comes to realize about his bad breath when his family members or friends comment about it. Bad breath can be due to many causes and it can also act as an indicator or symptom of other medical conditions.  Regular dental checkups can help you avoid the associated oral health problems.

Some health problems associated with bad breath:

-Gum disease- Improper brushing leads inadequate elimination of food particles from between the teeth. These food particles allow the build-up of plaque on the tooth surface and the gum lining. Persistent neglect in maintenance of oral hygiene causes irritation of gums and subsequent inflammation. This can be perceived as bad breath and bad taste.

-Decayed teeth- Decayed teeth with cavities serve as a storehouse for food remnants and are not accessible by bristles of the toothbrush for removal. The food particles undergo putrefaction within the cavity and become the source of bad breath.

-Fungal infections- There are chances of fungal infection in the mouth if there is persistent bad breath.

-Dry mouth- also called xerostomia. Our saliva flushes out the dead cells in our mouth. If the saliva produced is decreased, the flushing action gets lowered. Hence, the dead cells undergo disintegration generating bad breath. Dry mouth is a sign for a number of health problems like salivary gland disorders. It can be found in people with habit of mouth-breathing and is a common side effect of certain medications.

-Respiratory tract infections- Individuals with infections like sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia or post-nasal drip often have bad breath.

-Metabolic disorders- There are few metabolic disorders like gastro esophageal reflux (GER) that cause bad breath due to regurgitation (reverse flow of acid within the stomach). Problems related to kidney and liver may also be the cause of foul odor.


Ways of prevention of bad breath

Bad breath should not be taken lightly as it is associated with so many health problems. For preventive measures or treatment of halitosis (bad breath), the underlying cause has to be determined. If any health problem is the causative factor, you should be referred to a general physician for the rest of the treatment plan. If it is related to your oral health, your dentist will be the best person to deal with it.

Whatever may the case be, you can follow some simple rules for good Oral Hygiene to keep bad breath at bay.

1.       Brushing  For good oral hygiene it is essential to brush your teeth twice daily, preferably with fluoridated toothpaste.Scrape your tongue with a scraper to remove all the food particles trapped on the surface of the tongue.

2.        Flossing- Floss daily to remove the food debris stuck in between the teeth and also areas that are inaccessible for the bristles of the toothbrush.

3.       Mouthwash- Use of chlorhexidine mouthwash can be of great help for those with bad breath as the antibacterial action washes off the bacteria and there is a feeling of freshness in your breath.

4.       Diet control- Paying attention to small details of your diet will help you in the long run. Avoid onion and garlic. Try chewing peppermint for fresh breath.


If you are upset with your bad breath, call (217) 546-3333 for a free consultation with Dr. VanderMolen. His team at Advanced Dental Care will guide you to get the healthy mouth and gums you have been waiting for!

Dental Implants Offer a Superior Alternative

Dental Implants Offer a Superior Alternative

If you are wearing dentures at the moment and you would really like a change, dental implants may be right for you.  Dr. VanderMolen at Advanced Dental Care can offer you this innovative, permanent alternative.

You don't have to be one of the thousands of people who are living with dentures which do not fit well, and therefore cause continual discomfort. Dentures have served a purpose for many decades for those people who have had to endure tooth loss with its accompanying problems of eating and speaking. If you are looking for more natural looking and feeling teeth, there is now an option where permanent dental implants can be installed to replace traditional dentures.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a replacement tooth root that is fixed into the jaw bone and acts as a foundation to support dental prosthetics. At the time that theimplants are installed, Dr. VanderMolen will drill small holes into the jawbone, and put into position small, threaded rods made from titanium. When he has completed this process, he will tighten the dental implants so that they will not move. The dental implants will be positioned where teeth are missing so that they can act as a foundation for a dental crown or bridge which can be firmly fixed into place.

There are great benefits when using dental implants as a substitute for dentures. The most important is that they form a firm foundation for affixing permanent replacement teeth. Once this has been added, then eating and speaking occur with far more confidence. Dental Implants, firmly rooted in the jaw, look and act as natural teeth.

Less Chance of Allergic Reactions with Titanium Implants

Materials used in dentures can sometimes cause allergic reactions in their recipients,but titanium dental implants do not cause the same sorts of responses, even though they are embedded firmly into the jawbone. This means that more people can use dental implants to replace those teeth that have been lost. Over time their true worth will be revealed as you will smile, eat and speak as naturally as if you had all your original teeth.

If you have lost teeth and would like to know more about how dental implant procedure can benefit you, make an appointment by calling Dr VanderMolen at Advanced Dental Care of Springfield today at (217) 546-3333.

Take advantage of our FREE Dental Implant Seminars held regularly in Springfield.  For more information CLICK HERE.

The Fastbraces Difference

The Fastbraces Difference

There are other quick systems out there.  What makes Fastbraces better?

Fastbraces are orthodontic braces with cutting edge technology. This unique treatment produces results in much less time than traditional braces. Apart from being fast, they are safe for your teeth.

How Fastbraces are better than other quick systems:

      -Lifetime satisfaction commitment

Fastbraces are the only braces that provide the patient a Lifetime Satisfaction Commitment, by which you will be ensured that you have your teeth in a straightened form throughout your life.

      - Strong and unique triangular bracket

The brackets used in Fastbraces are unique due to their triangular shape that moves both the root and the tooth at the same time.These brackets have been found to be stronger than other braces systems.

      - Retention period

During the retention period, you will be asked to wear the retainers only at the night time in the first year and then for a period of 20 minutes daily.  Many other quick systems need a permanent fixed retainer or longer wear times per day.

      - Movement of crown and root of the tooth together

Fastbraces carry out the treatment rapidly due to application of a special principle wherein the crown and the root of the teeth are moved together, instead of in stages. Many of the other quick systems rely only on the movement of the crown without affecting the position of the root.In such cases, there is always a higher possibility for relapse. Traditional braces carry out the movement of the crown first and then the roots are moved into the new desired positions. That is why most traditional braces treatments take no less than 2 years to complete.

      - More comfortable for the patient

According to the experiences shared by various patients, Fastbraces are more comfortable than other quick systems. The archwire is made out of nickel-titanium alloy and that contributes to the comfort of the patient. The specialty of this wire is that it is activated by the heat of the oral cavity.There are no undue stresses on the teeth.

      - Less Expensive

Fastbraces are a less expensive alternative to traditional braces.  The short treatment time mean fewer visits as well. Click here for a comparison.

For effective, comfortable and safe treatment, choose Fastbraces. Call (217) 546-3333 for an appointment with Dr.VanderMolen at Advanced Dental Care, certified Fastbraces provider.

Full Arch Replacement

Dental Implants: Full Arch Replacement

Full arch replacement is a lifetime dental solution

Dentistry has become so advanced in the 21st century that losing teeth is not as disabling as it used to be. There is no need to have the mouth measured fora full set of dentures as there are options available that can transform your mouth and fill it with a full set of permanently fixed teeth. This is referred to as full arch tooth replacement and offers the additional advantage of keeping the shape of the face intact as well as allowing full use of the teeth.

A fixed bridge is secured permanently into the mouth on dental implants. This allows the person to

        -Eat as if the teeth were real

        -Have a life long stable solution to teeth loss

        -Keep the shape of their face intact

        -Maintain bone density

        -Have natural looking teeth.


There are a number of stages involved for installing a full arch tooth replacement and each plan and procedure involved is specific to the individuals situation. It is therefore necessary to be examined by a dentist so that an individual plan for treatment can be organized.

The first stage involves installing dental implants, which replace the tooth roots that have been removed. Five dental implants are put in place and temporary teeth are attached which allow the patient to eat normally while the permanent fixed bridge is being prepared for installation.

The second stage proceeds when the dental implants have healed completely and fused with the jawbone. This then allows the fixed bridge to be installed securely. This type of full jaw replacement normally requires 2-3 visits to the dentist to have the fixed bridge attached.            

Once the fixed bridge has been installed and secured by the dental implants, the new teeth will look almost the same as normal teeth.

There are numerous advantages over the traditional removable dentures, particularly when it comes to premature aging when bone is lost around the face and lips. Additionally, the comfort level of the full arch tooth replacement is far superior to removable dentures.

If you have an interest in discussing this life changing procedure, contact Advanced Dental Care and Dr. VanderMolen.

Call (217) 546-3333 today.  Click here for more information on the services available from Dr. VanderMolen.

Sedation Dentistry - Steps

What Steps do I Need to Take to Prepare for My Sedation Dentistry Visit?

Many people feel uneasy at the thought of visiting a dentist. Most of them have an idea that the procedures done by dentists are painful and also feel a bit embarrassed to show the dentist their oral condition. But with the advancement of medical technology, dental surgeons now use very easy methods to sedate their patients before performing dentistry on them. One question many patients will have is "What steps do I need to take to prepare for my sedation dentistry visit?"

Firstly you should discuss with your dentist what type of sedation you will be given. There are many forms of sedation dentistry including inhalation sedation and oral sedation. It is important to understand that sedation is not only about putting you to sleep, but is only a part of the entire process. Methods used for sedation dentistry only make you feel drowsy and relaxed You should talk to your dentist about any concerns and fears you have during consultation.

You should to prepare yourself mentally as well as physically before you walk in for sedation. You should relax yourself and have a good nights sleep.

There is nothing to fear in sedation dentistry. You will not feel any pain during the procedure. The important thing to do is to select the right sedation dentist.You should see what experience the dentist has in this type of dentistry and approximately how many procedures he has performed up to now. You should not be afraid to ask your sedation dentist questions about the areas you have doubts about and how you should prepare for the procedure.

Dr.VanderMolen is the sedation dentist you can trust for all your dental needs.  If you are anxious or fearful of the dentist, sedation dentistry could be the best option for you.  For more information about this and all our other services, contact our office at (217) 546-3333.  We look forward to working for you!

Fastbraces: Safe, Quick, and Comfortable

Fastbraces: Safe, Quick, and Comfortable

Fastbraces short treatment sounds good, but will I still have a mouth full of metal?

Fastbraces technology evolves around a unique concept in the field of orthodontics. Fastbraces have been named so because they are able to correct misaligned teeth from about a year to sometimes as little as 3 months. Traditional braces carry out tooth movement in two phases. The first phase is meant for the movement of the crown of the teeth alone. In the second phase, the roots of the teeth acquire the new desired positions. It takes almost two years for the completion of the whole process. Fastbraces, on the other hand, can do the same work in a shorter span because the crown and the root of the tooth move as a unit to the new desired position.

Most of you may be apprehensive about having the mouth full of metal throughout the span of treatment. Fastbraces are extremely comfortable when compared to the traditional braces. The bracket and the wire used in the treatment procedure are quite different from the ones used in conventional braces.

The brackets used are triangular in shape with the slot at a raised level and a distinctive elbow shape. The triangular shape has its own significance as it increases the distance between two brackets. The increase in distance leads to enhancement in flexibility. The wire used in Fastbraces is made out of nickel-titanium alloy and has the unique property of shape memory.It is activated from the heat of the oral cavity and a single wire is enough to bring about the tooth movement

The new version of Fastbraces, Fastbraces Clear, consists of ceramic braces and is meant for those who give prime importance to aesthetics. While using Fastbraces Clear, there is no metal on display.

When you have so many options to straighten your teeth, why should you settle for conventional? Call (217) 546-3333 for an appointment with Dr. VanderMolen, Springfield's first and only certified Fastbraces provider. Get Fastbraces: safe, quick and comfortable!

Missing Teeth, Missing Nutrition

Missing Teeth, Missing Nutrition

A normal, healthy adult mouth has a complete set of 32 teeth.Each type of tooth has its own great role to play in the health and nutrition of an individual.  If teeth are missing congenitally or due to any other reason like dental decay or trauma, the overall health can be influenced detrimentally without the proper preventative care.

Our teeth break down the food that we eat into smaller pieces that are easy to digest. If we have missing teeth, our food may not be chewed adequately which can lead to digestion issues. The nutrients within the food cannot be extracted completely if it undergoes incomplete or improper digestion. Besides, undigested foods form an excellent source of nutrition for bacteria inhabiting colon causing problems. All these symptoms can, in turn, take their toll on the overall health of a person.

There can be a profound psychological impact of missing teeth on an individual. One may have to avoid foods that used to be his/her favorites. This leads to depression and frustration and the person starts experiencing a reduced quality of life. Harder-to-eat foods like nuts, some type of meats and tough fruits are the ones that are mostly avoided. When one avoids such healthy foods, nutrition can be adversely affected.

Missing teeth should never be dealt with lightly. Dental implants are one of the best solutions for teeth replacement. They look and function like natural teeth. An important fact about dental implants is that they act as an independent unit. They do not derive support from neighboring natural teeth.You can chew almost anything and relish all your favorites without hesitation.They are the type of tooth replacements with highest chewing efficiency especially compared to removable dentures. Dental implants will help you eat healthy and stay healthy!

Why should you suffer due to missing teeth? Just call Advanced Dental Care at (217) 546-3333 for an appointment with Dr. VanderMolen and get your missing teeth replaced with dental implants! For more information, consider attending one of our Free Dental Implant Seminars!

Sedation Dentistry – after

Sedation Dentistry: After the Sedation Has Worn Off

 What can I expect after the sedation has worn off?

Oral conscious sedation is a form of Sedation Dentistry that aims to support the patient in their dental care process. This is particularly important for those patients who suffer from stress and anxiety prior to a dentists appointment. Oral conscious sedation (OCS) relieves anxiety, and you can then face dental appointments with greater confidence.

These medications are perfectly safe and prescribed to reduce anxiety and assist patients to relax. Often, patients are so relaxed that they fall into a casual sleep throughout the procedure. However,while the dental procedure is being completed, the patient is very carefully monitored for an anxiety-free outcome.

How Will I Feel After The Procedure?

Sedation Dentistry offers a relaxing and pain-free experience.  You will be sedated at the level you need to be unaware of the treatment. After your procedure you will awake refreshed and with little to no memory of the procedure.  Dr. VanderMolen offers a comfortable and friendly environment, so you will feel safe and secure while you get the dental care you need. 

If you have questions about Sedation Dentistry, do not hesitate, call Dr. VanderMolen at(217) 546-3333 today, to contact our office and make an appointment for a discussion about the benefits.  Dr. VanderMolen is the experienced Sedation Dentist in Springfield you need to take care of all your needs.  Click here for more information on all the services available at Advanced Dental Care.

Smilelift technology: How can I benefit?

How Can I Benefit from SmileLift Technology?

A youthful smile is the key to an attractive personality. As age progresses, our teeth wear down due to regular tooth-to-tooth contact while chewing or swallowing. This process results in the development of shorter clinical crowns which do not support the lips or cheeks fully, giving you an aged look. There can be an uneven smile line because of the crooked or worn teeth. Through Smilelift technology, the teeth are reshaped in such a way that the signs of ageing get masked and you get a radiant and youthful face. Dental veneers and dental crowns and custom dentures are the most popular techniques used for Smilelift.

The benefits of Smilelift technology include:

- The procedure is painless and non-invasive unlike cosmetic or plastic surgery which can be quite expensive.

- Your new youthful smile through smile lift technology boosts up your confidence level.

- Your stained teeth or discolored teeth can be completely concealed.

- The reduced lengths of the teeth due to wearing are corrected. The increased length supports the lower lip.

- The upper parts of the teeth are thickened to eliminate the wrinkles around your mouth. The upper lip gets a fuller look.

- The gaps in between the teeth are rectified so that there are no black spaces when you smile.

Smilelift technology can also help those who have a gummy smile. Gummy smile can be due to high upper lip or if the gums cover the teeth in such a way that the teeth appear shorter in length, thereby, making the smile unsightly. Those who feel shy to smile due to extra display of gums can surely find smile lift technology extremely beneficial. Dental lasers are often used to address such problems.

If you desire a new youthful and vibrant smile through Smilelift technology, call (217) 546-3333 to schedule an appointment with Dr. VanderMolen. His team at Advanced Dental Care will help you achieve your dream smile!

Click here for more information on all the services available from Advanced Dental Care of Springfield, including Cosmetic dentistry procedures.


Implant Dentistry: Preserving Natural Dentition

Dental implants have become one of the most comfortable and effective means of teeth replacement. The reason for the wide-spread use of dental implants in  restorative dentistry  is the excellent set of aesthetic and functional properties of dental implants. Among the numerous benefits of dental implants, the most important is the preservation of the natural dentition.

After the loss of a tooth, the surrounding bone undergoes resorption (bone loss) extensively due to lack of support. A dental implant placed in the same socket holds the bone and prevents undue loss.
Loss of a tooth creates an imbalance in the dental occlusion. The tooth present opposite to the missing tooth becomes functionally compromised. There can be a drifting of the rest of the teeth causing gaps between them and the tight contacts open up. Food particles and debris can get trapped in these gaps and become difficult to remove. Eventually, the teeth undergo decay and might even progress to the stage of loss of vitality if treatment is not done in the right time. Proper oral hygiene in such circumstances becomes difficult, thus increasing the chances of periodontal disease.  Dental implants  can prevent these problems by providing a functional replacement for the missing tooth.

If crowns and bridges are utilized as an option for teeth replacement, the integrity of neighboring teeth can be affected adversely. This is mainly due to the fact that they derive their support from the adjacent teeth. The periodontal ligament and the bone of the adjacent teeth have to bear extra stresses which in due course of time weaken them and, at times, even lead to their loss. Dental implants are inserted directly into the bone so they do not require support from the neighboring teeth. They function independently and naturally similar to every other tooth in the dentition.

Are you interested in learning more about dental implants? Attend one of our monthly  implant seminars. For details and dates, please contact us at (217) 546-3333

Dr. VanderMolen has the answers you need.  Call and make an appointment at  Advanced Dental Care today, (217-546-3333).

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Why Should You Select Advanced Dental Care?

At Advanced Dental Care, you are important to us as a person - not just as a patient. Knowing each individual well helps us develop a personal, customized course of treatment that's right for you.

You can rest assured that your concerns will be listened to and every one of your questions answered. We will always explain the treatments we recommend for you,why we recommend them, any possible alternatives, the positives and negatives of each, the amount of time involved to complete the treatment process, and of course the fees involved..

We also make sure will feel completely relaxed and at home.  You'll know exactly what is going on at all times so there are no surprises. Once your treatment begins, you will find our warm and caring staff and the gentle caring manner of the doctor will keep you comfortable and relaxed at every visit.

The following are just a few of the services we offer:

  • Complete oral exams, including exams for oral cancer and low radiation digital x-rays
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Smile whitening
  • Tooth colored fillings - mercury-free
  • Beautiful cosmetic techniques to fix chips, cracks and stains
  • Sealants to prevent decay
  • Natural looking crowns and bridges
  • Youthful looking dentures and partial dentures
  • 24 hour denture repairs in most instances
  • Implants
  • Nonsurgical care and laser treatment for gum disease
  • Sedation Dentistry

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