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Rock News

Last Update on June 29, 2015 07:07 GMT


PHOENIX (AP) -- Yes have announced bassist Chris Squire has died after a fight with a rare form of leukemia. Yes write on their Facebook page Squire passed away peacefully Saturday in Phoenix at the age of 67. Squire was one of the co-founders of Yes and was the only member who had never left the band. Squire said in a 1997 Associated Press interview that was because he was lazy. Squire was also known for always being tardy and joked he wanted his tombstone to say, "The late Chris Squire." Squire says one of the worst cases of his lateness was in 1980 in San Antonio, when the band was about to go onstage and realized he was still in his hotel room. He said he had fallen asleep and when the band had knocked on his door and got no answer, they assumed he had left.


<<CUT ..005 (06/29/15)>> 00:30 ""

Margie Szaroleta (zar-oh-LEH'-tah), AP music correspondent

Chris Squire, the bassist and co-founder of the progressive rock band Yes who recently announced he had leukemia, has died. He was 67. AP music correspondent Margie Szaroleta has a look at his career. ((opens with music))

<<CUT ..006 (06/29/15)>> 00:20 "we actually are"

Chris Squire

Yes bassist Chris Squire was asked in a 1997 Associated Press interview what is the biggest misunderstanding about Yes.

<<CUT ..007 (06/29/15)>> 00:07 "be able to"

Chris Squire

Yes bassist Chris Squire said in a 1997 Associated Press interview he was the only member of Yes who has always been in the band, and he attributes that to his own laziness.

<<CUT ..008 (06/29/15)>> 00:19 "what it'll be"

Chris Squire

Yes bassist Chris Squire was asked in a 1997 Associated Press interview what Yes will be remembered for. ((note length of cut))

<<CUT ..009 (06/29/15)>> 00:06 "Squire on it (laughs)"

Chris Squire

Yes bassist Chris Squire said in a 1997 Associated Press interview he knows what he'll be remembered for -- his chronic lateness.

<<CUT ..010 (06/29/15)>> 00:16 "just wasn't there"

Chris Squire

Yes bassist Chris Squire said in a 1997 Associated Press interview one of his worst cases of being late happened in San Antonio in about 1980.

<<CUT ..011 (06/29/15)>> 00:50 ""

Sound of Yes

Sound of Yes performing "I've Seen All Good People."

<<CUT ..012 (06/29/15)>> 00:50 ""

Sound of Yes

Sound of Yes performing "Leave It."


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Joni Mitchell's friend and conservator says it was an aneurysm that sent the Grammy-winner to the hospital in March. Conservator Leslie Morris mentioned the aneurysm in a statement posted on Mitchell's website yesterday. It provides the first significant details on Mitchell's health status in months. Morris says Mitchell is speaking -- and speaking well -- while recovering at home. Mitchell's unable to walk now, but is expected to make a full recovery.


NEW YORK (AP) -- DMX failed to take the stage in New York Friday because he was arrested right before his set time. A spokesman for the New York City Sheriff's Department tells WPIX-TV that DMX was taken into custody for failing to pay $400,000 in child support. The spokesman also says DMX was wanted on a warrant for bail jumping and for a separate complaint for robbery. DMX's management has not responded to requests for comment.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Trent Reznor and songwriting partner Atticus Ross, Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead, Sergio Mendes, Common and John Legend have been invited to join the group that votes on the Oscars. They are among the 322 people to receive invitations to join the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Oscar nominees are automatically considered.


SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) -- Could it have been a sign from Jerry Garcia? The Grateful Dead performed Saturday in Santa Clara, California, and a rainbow formed in the sky as they finished playing "Viola Lee Blues." The Dead were joined by Trey Anastasio of Phish and Bruce Hornsby for the first shows on the "Fare Thee Well" mini-tour. The band plays this weekend in Chicago to mark 50 years as a band, then they plan to call it quits.


LONDON (AP) -- A British comedian crashed Kanye West's performance at Britain's Glastonbury festival and says he did it for Taylor Swift. Lee Nelson stormed onto the stage Saturday and started rapping along with West before a security guard took Nelson away. Nelson later tweeted that some people had said West should not headline Glastonbury so he thought he'd give a hand. Nelson tweeted to Swift, "I Kanye'd Kanye. That was for you."


NEW YORK (AP) -- Pete Townshend recalls The Who were in "real trouble" in the early 1970s. He says he was running around in coveralls, John Entwistle wore spider costumes, Roger Daltrey had become a rock god and Keith Moon "had become this kind of clown." Then they created "Quadrophenia," which Townshend says was a form of salvation. Townshend has revisited the project with "Classic Quadrophenia," a remake with the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Townshend says the musicians were brilliant because they would take the subway to the hall, look at the music, play their best and then go home with "no fuss, no nonsense."

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