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Brent Barrow is the Producer, Editor and Photographer of Cruisin' Illinois. Brent was recently awarded an Emmy Award in the Post-Production category for his work on Cruisin' Illinois. In addition to producing Cruisin' Illinois, Brent is the Production Manager at ABC Newschannel 20. "The viewers in Central Illinois have really embraced this program. And the motorcycle culture here is so diverse and active; there is never shortage of topics to cover." Before producing Cruisin' Illinois, Brent produced programs for the PBS station WSEC, and worked on the television program E.R. and several motion pictures.


Kevilee Douglas has been the host of Cruisin' Illinois since 2008. Kevilee has always enjoyed riding on the back of her husband's motorcycle. Hosting a show about motorcycles seemed to be a perfect fit for her and a chance to take in more about world of riding. Cruisin' Illinois has provided Kevilee a chance to learn all about the different types of bikes and those who ride. "Despite the stereotypes, bikers are really wonderful people who do a lot of charity work in the central Illinois area. I'm truly blessed to have met so many wonderful people while working on this show." Kevilee and her husband, Craig, own a 2001 Honda Shadow Spirit and in their free time they enjoy going for rides across the area. Riding is a family affair, as her in-laws enjoy riding too.


Over the course of three seasons, dozens of photographers have assisted in the production Cruisin' Illinois. Of particular note, Christian Spain and Stephen Bourque have both made significant contributions to the program.